How to Registration?

1. Click on Registration
2. Enter all Infroamtion (Business/Company name, Email, Password, Phone, Website, Logo and About)
3. Click on Send button at the bottom of the form

offbd registration

How to Add Offer?

Before upload a offer, You have to "Add Contact Information"

1. Click on Login
2. Enter login infromation (Email and Password)
3. Click on Login button at the bottom of the form

offbd registration

Add Contact Information

1. Click on Add Contact Information
2. Click on Add New
offbd registration

3. Enter all information (City, Area, Address, Phone and Email)
4. Click on Add button
offbd registration

Add Offer

1. Click on Add offer
2. Select Category and Sub category
3. Enter offer Title
4. Enter orginal price (optional)
5. Select discount type (%, Taka or others)
6. Enter discount
7. Upload mani offer image
8. Enter offer details
9. Enter buy link - Any specific link where user can buy this offer (like product detial page link of your website)
10. Select business center (Contact information is your business center) 11. Click on more
12 . You can upload more offer photo 13. Enter offer date (How may long this offer will run)
14. Click on Add button

offbd registration

How to Edit My Offers?

You can see your uploaded Offer list on "My offer's"

1. Click on "My offer's" - You will see your uploaded offer list
2. Click on Edit button - Which offer you want to edit

offbd registration
3. Edit information if you want
4. Click on Send button - Your affer is edited successfully

Go to front end "All offer page or category page" see the your offer is displayed top of the list

offbd registration